Have a Plan. Protect Your Investment. Protect Your Family.

A new client came to us one day and told us about a potential opportunity for Tax Break to expand. The tax preparer he and his father used for many years became ill toward the end of last tax season.  Unfortunately, this preparer died over the summer.  The preparer started his practice 30 years ago and had built up a loyal clientele over these many years.  We looked the company up on line – the web site was still up, but the phone numbers listed were inoperable.  We drove to the office location.  The sign was still on the storefront and shopping center road sign.  The office was dark and empty.  We contacted the widow and were told she was forced to close the business as there hadn’t been any transition plan.  When the owner died, so did the business he had spent 3o years of his life building.

This story is a tragedy.  A totally avoidable tragedy.  Of course, the owner had no idea at the beginning of tax season he would be diagnosed with cancer.  Many owners of independent tax practices are closer to the end of their careers than the beginning.  Tax Break provides coaching to help you develop your transition plan for either selling your practice to retire or to ensure your survivors aren’t left with a sudden mess if you should die unexpectedly.  Contact Jeff Randall, EA at [email protected] to discuss starting your transition plan today.