For years our Principal Advisor and Coach, Jeff Randall, introduced himself to new clients by assuring them that “…he only dealt with clients that got refunds!”
His clients were allowed one ’pass’ – a year where they had a balance due come April 15 instead of a refund they expected.
After successfully providing clients sound advice for 25 years resulting in either refunds or minimized balances due, Jeff provides Tax Break his secret: understanding and treating Refund Pressure.

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Refund Pressure (RP) is the relationship of taxes withheld, estimated taxes paid, and allowable credits to total taxes. Like blood pressure, refund pressure varies from taxpayer to taxpayer and year to year. And like blood pressure, refund pressure should be monitored regularly to maintain a healthy refund at year end.

Tax Break’s exclusive RP Rx service provides clients RP checkups twice a year. After April 15, RP is checked by reviewing the last filed income tax return, assessing changes in taxpayer circumstances for the current year, and calculating RP based on forecasted income and taxes from current income documents.

The first RP check of the year allows our tax advisors to determine a Prescription (Rx) to align RP with the client’s desired year end refund and maximize their take-home pay throughout the year.  The IRS overcharges over 100 Million taxpayers each year.

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As part of the RP Rx service, Tax Break conducts a second RP checkup in December. This checkup assesses with greater accuracy what the client’s true year-end RP is: the refund or balance due to be expected when filing the tax return. This checkup allows a Refund Pressure to be calculated for the upcoming full year to make any changes (Rx) to achieve desired results for the new year.