Marriage is Marriage: Now How Do We File Our Taxes

A must read for newlyweds or couples getting married this year! Married is Married: Now How Do We File Our Taxes details the 3 things every married couple needs to do to avoid an end of year tax bill of hundreds if not thousands of dollars! If you were married before 2013 and were required by Federal or State law to file as a Single taxpayer, read to find out how you may be entitled to a refund of hundreds or thousands of dollars!
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2 Minute Time Out

2 Minute Time Out is for every startup business owner with a great idea for a business. Without a plan, you’re planning to fail. Don’t have one or know how to make one? Jeff Randall shares the 7 areas every business owner needs to think through before launching your business and then monitor reality against your plan. Easy to read advice on competition assessment, marketing strategies, operational management, and understanding and managing cash flow.
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2 Minute Warning

Not enough customers, or sales? Expenses too high? These common challenges when combined can cause tremendous stress, wrecking relationships, marriages, finances and health.   2 Minute Warning is a must read for entrepreneurs to examine your business and determine what needs to change to turn it around.  Or can it be turned around? Jeff Randall shows how to recognize both fixable changes likely to succeed and operations likely doomed regardless of changes that can be made.
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20 Years Around the Block

Successful entrepreneur, tax advisor, and business coach Jeff Randall shares his experiences in planning, launching, operating, building client portfolios and selling tax practices. He achieved 48% growth his first year and 38% the following year after buying an existing H&R Block company operated location. Jeff shares valuable tips and lessons learned as both a multi-unit H&R Block franchisee and now as the President of Tax Break.
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