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Get ready for an Amazing Monday and wonderful week. Flip the page from last week and there’s a whole new week to make a difference.

Check your life plan. See clearly the goals you have. Focus in now on the steps you’ll take this week continuing on your journey to those goals.

Each and every day we all have the opportunity to Make a Difference. In our own life. In the life of our loved ones. In the lives of colleagues. In the lives of those we cone in contact with. What an opportunity! What power.

This week I’m working on my life plan. I’ve been stuck in what feels like cake batter. Imagine trying to move in a swimming pool, filled not with water but cake batter. Pretty tough to do. Here’s my plan.

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Live intentionally.

In my goal setting session I identified the goals for this week that I want to achieve in pursuit of my big life goals. Then I look at those goals and identify what specifically I need to do the accomplish these. I will live intentionally, to deliberately take action needed to attack and achieve these goals.

What steps are needed today to reach this week’s goals? Focus like a laser beam on the actions needed today to not try to move through a pool of cake batter but rather soar like a fighter jet attacking everything in the way of you achieving your goals.

Be grateful.

Pray about everything.

Live with passion

Live intentionally

You got this!

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