Faith-based Financial Fitness

Sometimes financial problems can be overwhelming. We can help.
Unemployment. Medical bills. Owing back taxes. Too much month after the money runs out. You may need professional help but cannot afford to pay for the help you really need to get past where you are and move on.
The Bridge Ministry, supported by Tax Break advisors, may be the answer to finding hope for the future.

We provide a faith-based financial services ministry.  Our mission is to aid followers of Jesus Christ in planning their financial lives to leverage federal, state and local income tax codes and statutes while honoring Biblical teachings. We have staff that graduated from the Dave Ramsey Financial Coach Master Series.

Faith-based Financial Fitness (F3) provides information, education, inspiration and hope as you regain control over your personal finances and work toward a debt-free life.

Our faith-based coaching program is based on the methodology taught in the Dave Ramsey Financial Coach Master Series.  This program provides tools, techniques and insight on your individual financial condition and helps you develop short- and long-term strategies to relieve financial stress and move toward a bright future without debt.

In our Ice Breaker session, we’ll review your unique situation.  I am a huge follower of Tony Robbins “Your past does not equal your future.”  We need to understand the past – to understand for the briefest moment of time- to understand clearly what your current situation is.

All the situations in our lives from the insignificant to the major teach us exactly what we need to be learning  – Unknown

Next we begin to plan the future, using the following approach:

  • Complete a Financial Snapshot.
  • Describe the top 3 primary issues you would like to focus on during our coaching period.
  • Provide any additional details (spreadsheets, lists etc) that may provide greater understanding of where you are at today.

We will then have the Build Your Plan session (in person or on-line) and discuss your Financial Snapshot and pain points.

Based on the Build Your Plan, your coach will provide recommendations on how to move forward.

GYST – 30-45 days after our Build Your Plan session, we’ll have a session to follow-up on how it’s going as you continue to Get your ‘Stuff’ Together!

“Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors, there is safety – Proverbs 11:14”

Faith-based Financial Fitness also provides tax preparation, representation, and debt reduction management services.  We work with clients referred to us from community service organizations and churches to provide access to expertise necessary to solve their tax problems.

Our ministry provides outreach and services to surviving family members and partners of recently deceased individuals to assist in financial closure and any tax benefits and refunds available are received.