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3 Things that May Slow Your Tax Refund

Across this great land of ours, thousands of tax practitioners, software developers, IRS and state tax and revenue offices are hard at work studying current Federal, state and local income tax laws to provide taxpayers a smooth filing of their 2014 income tax returns.  The IRS has completed their annual road show, spreading the good […]

Marriage is Marriage: Now, How Do We File Our Income Taxes?

June 26, 2013 The United States Supreme Court ruled in Windsor v. United States that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional. October 6, 2014 The Supreme Court dismissed appeals to overturn same-sex marriage laws in Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana and Wisconsin. Utah CoupleHeadlines in newspapers and media outlets across our nation […]

Autumn’s Starting & So Is Your 4th Quarter

Autumn is starting this week and September 30th marks the end of the 3rd quarter of Calendar Year 2014. Now’s a good time to take a two-minute timeout to both look back at the year so far and look ahead to the 4th Quarter. 2:00 State of the Company What’s the company look like at […]

Do You Have More Month than Money?

So, are you finding moHand Holding Cash and Credit Cardsre and more that there is more month left than money? Making minimum payments becoming a way of life? Always worried about next month’s bills? Money fights making life difficult with your spouse? You’re not alone.  More than 70% of households in the United States are […]