Tax Break Manifesto

Every member of the Tax Break team is committed to the values in our manifesto.
Anchored by our faith in God, we are dedicated to a service model that educates each client to manage income with a goal of getting the most money every payday while not owing any tax at the end of the year.
Rethink your income tax experience. Tax Break is the income tax company our competition will never become.
The Tax Break Manifesto

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Prepare your taxes

Make an appointment online. Our highly qualified advisors are ready to find a tax break for you today! Click for more info


We built our business on clients that only receive refunds. Let us show you how to get more money in your paycheck and not owe tax when you file your tax return. Click for more info


Need an ITIN? We can help you. We are approved by the IRS to certify applicant birth certificates and passports so you don’t have to mail in these important documents. Click for more info

Prepare your taxes

Tax Break partners with to provide online tax preparation. Start your return online today. Click to get started

Marriage Tax

What you don’t know about marriage and tax laws can result in a tax bill hundreds or thousands of dollars more than you and your spouse were expecting. We’re experts in Federal and state taxes for married couples. Click for more info

Bridge Ministry

Do you have a tax issue with the IRS or state? Is there more month at the end of the money? Through The Bridge Ministry, we provides tax representation services and debt management coaching to clients with significant need for professional services but cannot afford the cost of these services. Click for more info

Tax Practice Transition

What’s the plan for when you are ready to retire from your practice? A smooth and rewarding transition of your practice to new owners takes time and planning. We can help. Click for more info

Tax Problems? We Can Solve Any Tax Issue

Tax Break has staff that are Enrolled Agents, recognized and authorized by the IRS to represent taxpayers with tax debt or filing compliance issues. Our staff has worked with clients worldwide with tax problems for over 30 years. Do you have a tax issue with the IRS or state? Click for more info

Tax Letters

Do you have a letter from the IRS or the state tax department? Let us help.
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Year Round Service

When you have a question after April 15th, we’ll be available.


Knowledgeable Agents

Tax Break provides service from Enrolled Agents licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and tax professionals with over 25 years of experience.  We provide service in English and Spanish.